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Types of Intuitive Ability

Your intuitive ability can be classified into 4 types. Check out which one do you incline to and then take the quiz to find out which intuitive ability or skill is predominant:

So What Type of Intuitive Are You?

Read the following statements below and choose either a, b, c, or d. You can have more than one choice, so put down all the letters that resonate with you.

1. When you return from a vacation, are you more apt to describe:

a. What you saw? (Scenery, architecture, people, culture) b. How you felt? (Relaxed, happy, miserable, smell of the flowers) c. What you heard? (Music, conversations, wildlife, sounds of the ocean) d. What you learned about the area? (Culture, history, museums, language)

2. When you finish watching a movie, are your first thoughts about:

a. The cinematography, clothes, scenery? b. The emotions you felt? (Laughed until I cried, sad, tense, frustrated) c. The sound track? (Loved the music, aware of every sound or track played, bought the soundtrack) d. The message in the movie? (Symbolism, concepts, accuracy of the story)

3. When you plan your next vacation, do you pick locations based on:

a. Visuals? (Lush beaches, romantic villas, places to explore) b. How you feel in the moment? (I need a vacation, stressed, anxious, have to get out of here, need to escape for a while) c. Activities—musical events, concerts, guided tours d. History – What can I learn? What can I do to help?

4. When you listen to the radio, do you:

a. Visualize the singer and the band or remember images from the video? b. Really get into the music and feel it? c. Play along in your head and know every note or bar of music that is being played? d. Listen to the message? Is there a story or a meaning, or is it repetitive?

5. When you read a book, are you:

a. Inside the story? You can feel yourself and the characters having the conversation b. Feel the emotions of the characters and begin to identify with one or the group? c. Hear the sounds implied by the story? (Band music played in the background, the sound of the carriage on the cobblestone road, the roar of the lion or the sound of the sea rushing onto the beach) d. Looking for symbolism in the book? What is the author really trying to say? What is the moral of the story?

How to Interpret Your Answers: If you answered:

A: For all five questions then you are predominately a clairvoyant intuitive type (clear seeing) B: For all five questions then you are predominately a clairsentient intuitive type (clear feeling) C: For all five questions then you are predominately a clairaudient intuitive type (clear hearing) D: For all five questions then you are predominately a claircognizant intuitive type (clear sensing)

If you discover that your answers have varied, look at the combinations.

If you have three of one intuitive ability and two of another, then you are predominately the answer you gave three times, with the other answer being present but not as dominant. I would recommend you pick one that resonates the most closely for you and focus on developing your intuition with that one first.

When you are comfortable with that intuitive ability, go back and focus on further awakening your other intuitive ability. It will be good training for you to understand the difference between them and how developing your intuition will work for you.

After a short period of time, you will begin to realize that you do in fact have all four intuitive abilities. This will come with practice as you learn how to “read” information intuitively.

source: ConsciousLife

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