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Quiz to measure your Intuition Quotient

How intuitive you are? Let's take a quiz from the book "The Intuition Principe - How to Attract the Life of Your Dream?" written by Angela Artemis below:

You score 5 points for every YES answer:

1. Do you ever know who is on the phone before you answer it?

2. Do you sometimes get a "knowing sense" about things before they happen?

3. Have you heard talking, or your name being called, just before you fall asleep or wake up? 4. Do you find that you know what people are going to say and can finish their sentences? 5. Have you ever had butterflies in your stomach for no reason and then heard about something happening and they subsided? 6. Are you kind of lucky? Do things have a way of working out for you in your life? 7. During sleep have you experienced being "jarred" or a feeling of failing and landing on the bed? 8. While in the shower or walking in nature, do answers to problems come to you? 9. Do you have dreams that give you information or solve problems? 10. Have you ever had a dream or premonition of a future event that later occurred? 11. Have you ever "heard" the answer to a problem? 12. Do you prefer to skip the directions when putting something together and it always turns out fine? 13. Are you aware of a bursting, tingling, or itchy feeling on your forehead or top up your head? 14. Are you constantly generating ideas for projects and creative pursuits?

15. Do you prefer to take the path less traveled and do things your way rather than the conventional way?

16. Have you ever seen something is your mind's eye, like a vision of an event, before it happened?

17. Do you get vibes about that turn out to be true?

18. Do you have an uncanny knack for finding your way without maps or a GPS?

19. Are you aware of a certain faith and trust that you will always be ok no matter what?

20. Do you pick up on the emotion of people around you?

If you scored:

0-25: You may be living in your head too much. Time to start paying attention to the intuitive signals you receive.

25-50: Your intuition is active but a bit of practice would take it to another level.

51-70: You are probably aware that you are quite intuitive and have already been working on developing your abilities.

71 and above: You are very sensitive and could become quite psychic with a little practice.

So how did you do? Are you there yet?

For those of you who wish to dig deep into your intuition and are looking for a way to not only training but also measure it in the most quantitive manner. You can check out Intuition Pro - a device scientifically designed and developed just for this expertise.

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