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Intuition Pro @ Future Festival World Summit

At this top Innovation Conference, Intuition Pro bring its first of its kind product to present to the world

In mid September, Intuitivemind (aka Intuition Pro) was present at the Future Festival tech summit in Toronto, Canada. Omar Khan and Kailyn Henderson were representing the company at the North American conference.

Future Festival tech summit is a gathering of business professionals, venture capitalists, and opportunists looking for innovative solutions to magnificent problems. And Intuitivemind was there to do just that.

Intuitivemind presented itself as a first in the world solution to improving mindfulness and intuitive acuity. Many professionals were impressed both the apps and device. Chris Greenfield, a former president of Ipsos, the largest data collection agency in Canada was amongst the many to be charmed by intuitivemind app and device.

One attendee of the event returned to the booth a total of 4 times . "It couldn't get any more impressive" she said. "I think we may have saved a marriage" said Omar after witnessing the persistence shown by the attendee. She had used the application right at the venue to decide whether or not she felt like handing out the divorce papers.

Intuitivemind had presented itself as a first class and innovative technology company at the Future Festival tech summit.

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