The Higher The Intuition, The More The Profit!

Nicolas Hamelin, Archana Jois, Andrew Youssef.

The results displaying the GSR values for right or wrong answers were found to be statistically different. Pre-choice GSR values, which were recorded before the display of the random image, demonstrate a significant difference between right and wrong GSR levels, but remarkably, this difference is sensibly comparable to post-choice GSR right – wrong values. Such findings demonstrate the possible existence of Anticipatory Feelings AF ( in other words intuitive skills)  whereby inferring physiological signals before an event facilitates anticipating the outcome of this event. The finding shows that traders with higher AF scores were significantly more profitable than traders with lower AF scores

This graph depicts a portion of the results of our stock traders' experiments. Traders who made the most money were proven to have high intuition on the other hand, traders with low intuition made less money.

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