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The Higher The Intuition, The More The Profit!

Nicolas Hamelin, Archana Jois, Andrew Youssef.

Intuitive trading

A series of random images were shown to a group of participants while their reactions and brain triggering points were recorded. The participants were asked a few questions and then had to choose an image that matched their response. During the study, our i-motion machine records the participants' emotional state or arousal as well as their sweat gland activity (GSR). The values for right and wrong answers were found to be statistically different. Pre-choice values recorded values, demonstrate a significant difference between right and wrong GSR levels, but remarkably, this difference is sensibly comparable to post-choice GSR right – wrong values. Such findings demonstrate the possible existence of Anticipatory Feelings AF ( in other words intuitive skills)  whereby inferring physiological signals before an event facilitates anticipating the outcome of this event. According to the findings, traders with higher AF scores were significantly more profitable than traders with lower AF scores.

intuitive trading
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