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Product Overview

Ergenomically designed wristband, scientifically developed to enhance your Intuition and improve your decision-making skills. World's first neuroscience innovation that allows you to measure, experience and enhance your intuition.


Benfits & Features

Enhance Your Intuition: Intuition Pro devices allow you to engage in training quizzes provided through the IP mobile app, scientifically designed to enhance your intuition.


Improve Your Decision Making Skills: Intuition Pro devices measure and display a real time graph of your  subconscious body reactions through the IP mobile app.


Monitor Your Subconscious Body Reactions: Intuition Pro devices allow you to measure your subconscious body reactions towards personal and business decisions.


Improve Your Anticipation Skills: Training using Intuition Pro will allow you to gain higher awareness of your subconscious body and improve your overall anticipation skills


Wrist Band Sizes: Standard


Intuition Band

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