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May 2016                             Ideation

May – July 2016                 Academic Review & Research

August 2016                        Computer Program Developed

                                               Ad hoc GSR Device Used

August 2016                        Results Confirmed Research findings

August 2016                        Project Officially Started !

Sep 2016 - Nov 2016         PCB Design

Dec 2016                              Basic Device 3D Modelling

Jan 2017                              Device Prototyping

Jan 2017                               Device and Computer Program Testing 

                                                Results Confirmed

Feb – Mar 2017                   Mobile App Development

Apr – Jul 2017                     Products Re-Design, 3D Modelling & Prototyping

Aug 2017                              Locking Down Components’ Suppliers

Sep - Nov 2017                    Testing Prototypes

Dec 2017                              IP Black Production Ready

We deeply care for people and the environment!

On a mission to investigate academic research undertaken over the past decades relating to intuition and anticipating future events.  The team initially developed a computer program that generated a series of guessing quizzes. Each quiz displays four images for a duration of 10 seconds. The program randomly selects one of the images, and displays it for 5 seconds. The randomly selected image appears when the participant clicks on what he/she guess will be the correct outcome. Participants’ subconscious body reactions (GSR- Galvanic Skin Response) were monitored and recorded for the entire duration of each experiment. Post choice measure of the GSR values showed a significant difference between correct and incorrect choices. Pre-choice GSR values, which are the values recorded in the 10 seconds before the random image appeared also demonstrated a significant difference, but remarkably in line with post-choice GSR values. Participants’ predictive skills were also monitored and noted to improve over time.  The results practically confirmed that the human body can (and is indeed able to) anticipate the outcome of future events and that this ability can be enhanced. The Intuition Pro team continued to expand, working towards the mission of producing the world’s first intuition enhancing device.

Our Mission

At Intuition Pro, we are committed to the development of products that utilise neuroscience and technology advancements for the betterment of people's lives. 

Journey Milestones

Our Story

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