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 Training Results

Product Overview

A small rectangular device, scientifically developed to enhance your Intuition and improve your decision-making skills. World's first neuroscience innovation that allows you to measure, experience and enhance your intuition.


Benefits & Features

  • Enhance Your Intuition: Intuition Pro devices allow you to engage in training quizzes provided through the IP mobile app, scientifically designed to enhance your intuition. 

  • Improve Your Decision Making Skills: Intuition Pro devices measure and display a real time graph of your  subconscious body reactions through the IP mobile app.

  • Monitor Your Subconscious Body Reactions: Intuition Pro devices allow you to measure your subconscious body reactions towards personal and business decisions.

  • Improve Your Anticipation Skills: Training using Intuition Pro will allow you to gain higher awareness of your subconscious body and improve your overall anticipation skills.



  • Width: 41.1mm

  • Height: 42mm

  • Depth: 15.4mm



  • Connect the USB cable to charge your Intuition Pro device for no less than 30 minutes.

  • A solid LED light will be visible when the device is fully charged. The secondary flashing LED light will turn solid when the device is successfully connected to the Intuition Pro mobile app.

  • Install and open the Intuition Pro Mobile App (Free download is available through the Apple store and Google Play).  

  • Create and login to your free Intuition Pro mobile app account.

  • Tap on mobile app’s ‘connect to device” feature, then click on the Intuition Pro Bluetooth signal to pair the device and mobile app. You will be prompted with a message confirming connectivity. Device’s flashing LED light should now turn solid to confirm connectivity.

  • Securely insert the 3.5mn sensors’ jack into the device.

  • Firmly connect the GSR sensors to your fingers as shown in the side image. The metallic part of the sensors should be placed on the two medial phalanges, in contact with the palm.

  • Best results will be obtained if seated and relaxed in a stress-free environment.

  • The intuition Pro app will display your subconscious body reactions as well as your intuition scores.

  • For the full list of mobile app functions (Intuition Training, Live Readings and Decisions Input) please refer to www.intuuition-

Note: Before initiating the training, it is important to check the Live Readings mobile app function to confirm connectivity and ensure that the app is measuring your galvanic skin levels.

Snapshots of Training qUIZZES


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Access your dashboard from a desktop. See results, goals, and insights from the convenience of your computer.

Snapshots of Decisions input

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