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Revolutionise the way you make your DECISIONS!

Revolutionise the way you make decisions and improve your intuition

The human brain processes 11 million bits per second, yet the conscious mind seems to have the ability of only processing 40 bits per second. This means that 95% of our decisions, actions, emotions and behaviour occur beyond our conscious awareness. Recently, scientists have proven that our unconscious is capable of predicting future events (even seemingly unpredictable random future events) a few seconds ahead of time. This capacity is coined:  Predictive Anticipatory Activity. Einstein’s field equations posit that space-time might be a circle and that the distinctions between the past, present and future are illusions. For the first time, intuition pro allows you to explore and train your subconscious anticipatory capabilities and improve your predictive skills accordingly.

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Enhance Your Intuition
Improve Your Decision Making Skills

Intuition Pro devices allow you to engage in training quizzes, scientifically  designed to enhance your intuition and improve your predictive skills.

Monitor Your Subconscious Body Reactions

Intuition Pro devices measure and analyse your subconscious body reactions towards all your personal/business decisions. 

Intuition Pro devices measure and display a real-time graph of your subconscious body reactions.

Improve Your Anticipation Skills

Intuition Pro will allow you to become aware of your subconscious body reactions to improve your predictive anticipatory skills.

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World's first patented neuroscience innovation that allows you to measure, experience and enhance your intuition.

Decision Insights
User Friendly
Portable and Mobile
Safe and Fun
Live Measures
Sharing Achievements

Although it is a scientific product at heart, the mobile app interface has been carefully designed to be user-friendly and entertaining.

Products have undergone extensive research and development to maximise ease-of-use and convenience. All devices are highly portable.

All our products are FCC and EC certified, and the mobile app is designed to be fun yet informative. 

Intuition Pro allows you to access real time values of your subconscious body reactions.

Input your decisions in the forms of text, pictures or images. Analysis of body reactions provide invaluable insights over your personal/business daily decisions.

The Intuition Pro app lets you share your achievements on various social media platforms.

Intuition Trends

Intuition Pro app’s algorithm calculates and displays your intuition scores and progress over time.

Intuition Pro’s data is continuously synced to a dashboard accessible via any mobile device, PC or Mac where you can visualise your training results and progress.

Track Your Progress

Discover the science

The Science Behind Luck

Luck or Intuition? A study conducted by the University of Cambridge showed that financial traders are better at reading their ‘gut feelings’ than the general population – and the better they are at this ability, the more successful they are as traders. Dr Richard Wiseman, author of “The Luck Factor” posit that lucky people are in fact not lucky as such, but that they make successful decisions by using their intuition and gut feelings.


Intuition is often better. There is a wealth of evidence suggesting that unconscious processing i.e. intuition often leads to better decision making, or at least equivalents than those resulting from conscious / thinking process. Fundamentally most our everyday decision-making process is in fact non-conscious. The unconscious mind decides first, and subsequently the conscious mind post-rationalize our choices.

Want to enhance your INTUITION and make better DECISIONS ?  

Disclaimer: Our company holds no responsibility over the results of personal / investment decisions users might input using the Intuition Pro Mobile Application. We expressly declare that we in no case entice gambling or other related activities.

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